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Acrylic, Mirror, Wood? What Surface Should You Use for Your Wedding Signage

There are so many different options for wedding signage now a days, which is amazing but also a little overwhelming. Between acrylic, chalkboard, wood, mirror, its hard to know what is going to look best for your wedding. Here are some tips I give my clients when they are trying to choose a surface for their wedding signage.

Chalkboard is a great option for your wedding signage. It offers a lot of options, you can keep it simple with white writing or add a lot of colour with so many different chalk markers on the market now. If you are a DIY bride this might be the best option for you as it is really easy to fix any mistakes when using chalk markets. Also, it is really easy to find a chalkboard (I bought mine from amazon), or if you don't want to buy you can always rent. The best part is that you can reuse them for your house or sell them to another bride after your wedding. They go perfectly with an outdoor rustic wedding. These bar menu chalkboards are one of my personal favourite projects I have worked on!

My personal favourite material to work with is clear acrylic. It has become a very popular material for weddings because it is super affordable and looks chic AF. There are SO many options when it comes to acrylic. It can be used for something as small as a place card or as large as a seating chart. Similar to a chalkboard, you can keep it as simple as possible with some white hand lettering, or add some colourful flowers or a border. Acrylic signage can add a very elegant yet modern feel to your wedding.

Another popular item for modern weddings are mirrors. Mirror seating charts have become incredibly popular over the last couple years. Not only do is it beautiful for big projects, it also looks beautiful for smaller signage, such as guestbook or wedding hashtag signs. Whether your having a big hall wedding or a small outdoor wedding, mirror signage really goes with any theme in my opinion. Plus, mirrors are a very forgiving surface if you are looking to make your own seating chart or welcome sign.

Last but not least, using wood for your wedding signage is another great option. You can use reclaimed wood for a super rustic feel, or choose something a little bit more finished for a sleek look. If your looking to DIY your wedding signage, wood might not be the best option. It is much more difficult to erase any mistakes, so if you're looking for wood signage i would leave it up to the professionals! If you are having an outdoor wedding I would highly recommend going for wood signage! Plus, you can customize it with you favourite stain.

While it can be kind of overwhelming when your scrolling through Pinterest looking for wedding signage #inspo, just remember you can't go wrong with any surface you choose! They are all beautiful in their own way. Just keep these two main points in mine and you'll be just fine:

1. Are you going to DIY the shit out of this sign, or are you going to leave it to the professionals?

2. What is the theme of your wedding: rustic, modern, vintage, whimsical?

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