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Love Quotes for Your Wedding Signage

Adding a special quote to your wedding day can be a great way to show your guests what type of marriage you hope to have with your soon-to-be hubby or wifey. Whether its on wood, acrylic or chalkboard, adding your favourite love quote is a very sweet touch to any wedding. Here are some of my favourite love quotes that you should include in your special day!

"With my Whole Heart for my Whole Life"

For the modern couple that wants a hint of traditional in their wedding day.

"You are my Greatest Adventure"

For the couple that loves to travel together.

"You are my Sun, My Moon and All of my Stars"

For the book worms.

"I have found the One Whom my Soul Loves"

For the traditional bride and groom.

"It was Always You"

For the couple that is finally tying the knot - according to all of their friends.

"How Sweet it is to Be Loved by You"

For the music lovers.

"Crazy in Love"

For the modern couple that loves Beyonce, because don't we all?

"Mutual Weirdness Forever"

For the quirky couple.

"You Will Forever Be my Always"

For the couple that loves love.

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